River Road Ranch

From the moment you pull onto the gravel road of the property you enter another world. The long-grassed sloping meadow greets you as you climb the hill to the Old West City at the top. Native Paint Horses graze nearby and the large trees speckle the property to create a setting that is reminiscent of a painting of days gone by. A time when the world turned a little slower and people took more time to breathe and appreciate one another. The Bunkhouse at River Road Ranch is the first of several unique guesthouses to be built on this one-of-a-kind property. As time goes on, there will be a whole old west city built on the property. Bunkhouse at River Road Ranch offers everything that you, your friends and family will enjoy in upscale, unique accommodations. The Silo at River Road Ranch is a one of a kind guesthouse. The Silo was an original peanut silo that was brought to the property by the owner’s. Although it is the newest addition to the bed and breakfast units at the River Road Ranch, Minna's Haus was built in 1876 and is the original homestead on the property settled by German immigrants. Lovingly restored by the Smiths, Minna's Haus is a cozy two story rock house filled with history.


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